It’s been a while since I listened to BULGOGIDISCO. Since their 2019 full length, the band has released a lot of singles. During 2021 and 2022, BULGOGIDISCO released singles with artist features like Crystal Tea and Bassagong, but the latest has been with Luli Lee. She’s an experienced musician with time in bands like Bye Bye Badman, Seoulmoon, and her own solo work.

bulgogidisco i mean

The combination of BULGOGIDISCO and Luli Lee is different. BULGOGIDISCO was known to me as a very energetic and fast-moving rock band while Luli Lee favored more pop and indie rock, depending on the track. The two together are something entirely different. It does lean a little more towards Luli Lee’s style at first. The tempo is slower, her vocals guide a lot of the direction, and Hyunsong‘s vocals aren’t the priority. Both vocalists are able to match well though.

“I mean” feels like a starter song. The first collaboration single, “Bichulae,” is more BULGOGIDISCO than Luli Lee. On I mean, it sounds like she was able to make a bigger impression. “I mean” carries a slow tempo, kind of like getting ready in the morning. It’s has a pleasant melody, but doesn’t stick out or grab you instantly.

In comparison, “Crystal Dance” is a merging of BULGOGIDISCO and Luli Lee. Her work on bass sticks out to provide a strong melody outside of the other instruments. And the dual vocals give the track this rock music sexiness that’s not heard often. There’s an attitude on “Crystal Dance” and could easily serve as an amazing song for a soundtrack.

Closing the single is “Kigal” and it’s full BULGOGIDISCO energy. I think in their music, the bass is one of the most important instruments and Lili Lee is able to keep up without a problem. BULGOGIDISCO has a unique sound and Luli Lee’s ability to bring her abilities into the song is impressive. The song is able to bring out her style and talents and in a way give her a way to present herself in a different way.

The single is interesting in that it provides three different styles leaning toward Luli Lee, then merging the sounds, then finishing towards BULGOGIDISCO. While I don’t think I mean is the best starting point for BULGOGIDISCO, it’s a great listen for fans of both artists.

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