POCLANOS once again introduced me to an artist I had no idea of. DumbAss, which is kind of an amazing name, has been releasing music since 2021, but it also looks like he’s featured on a lot of albums throughout 2021 and 2022. !!!DETONATION!!! is his first full length following an EP and three singles.

dumbass detonation

At its core, !!!DETONATION!!! is punk rock with rock and metal elements thrown in. 10 songs and almost 28 minutes of music move quickly. It’s strange how addictive the music is because it is sometimes a bit random. DumbAss definitely has a signature in his music. It kind of reminds me of popular pop punk mixed with pop music.

Generally, the music fits perfectly as soundtrack songs or some type of video game background track. DumbAss created the album with different help. unidentified boy, King theta, itrysohard, zerrygem, and Whitepalette all help compose and arrange the album, but it does sound like everything comes from DumbAss’ mind.

I could even say that !!!DETONATION!!! is like a best of pop punk sampler album. “Stardust!” is more commercial-friendly pop punk, “I Luv U Sally!” is a bit like 2002-2005 Drive-Thru Records or Fueled By Ramen punk era, and “Boys!” is that hybrid punk and rock track you hear as a band’s second or third single.

DumbAss is unique, not just in the recognizable nature of his music, but also in how it feels like the music isn’t trying to meet or sell itself as a performance. There’s a vision across the album that DumbAss is able to present. Even going more acoustic with “For U.” feels perfectly natural on the album and works so late in the album. If anything sticks out, DumbAss kind of reminds me of early No Brain where there was open freedom to any and all of the music.

Pop punk fans will enjoy !!!DETONATION!!!. It’s an album that moves quickly from song to song and there will be a single or two that quickly become favorites. I’m curious to see where DumbAss goes after this full length.

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