I wish I remembered where I first heard Orange Vibe because the album has stuck around as a regular play for the past couple of months. The band’s first full length comes almost a year after their 2021 single “Waves.” Orange Vibe brings a healthy amount of nostalgic indie rock that’s driven by CHAERY‘s vocals.

orange vibe orange vibe

The foursome is creating a recognizable and somewhat standard indie rock sound, but there’s a unique feature in Orange Vibe’s music. Songs have a pleasant and calm tempo, enabling all the members to focus on their parts in the song. The drums speak in collaboration with the bass while the guitar is the accent across many of the tracks. CHAERY’s vocals are warm and carry a good amount of weight on every verse too.

I especially like the introduction to “Airplane.” The simple instrumental start feels simple, but it helps open the song before CHAERY starts singing. 최종빈, 정진홍, and 장우영 are in sync on every song. I feel like the composition of the album was collaborative because there’s unity that can be heard. I don’t think Orange Vibe is a vehicle to push CHAERY, but work together to create great tracks.

If there’s any weakness, I think it’s in the song variety. Orange Vibe has a distinct sound in their indie rock foundation and also adds other elements to the music. “Lost” is a bit darker, “Wilderness” has a bit more funk, and “Liquor” adds a bit of blues and jazz. But all the songs have the same basic style. Also, I really wonder how far CHAERY can go with her vocals. I feel like she’s holding back a bit.

In the end, Orange Vibe is an amazing debut full length. The eight songs show different sides of the band, properly introduce their sound, and grab your attention quickly. I think there are a lot of standout singles that will get listeners’ attention. But in some ways, I feel like the band’s next release could be something entirely different.

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