“Revolution” on ALBAS‘s Homemade instantly reminded me of The Koxx. The track presents the same type of high-energy and upbeat rock style that The Koxx opened up years ago. That said, ALBAS aren’t The Koxx 2.0, they might be harnessing the same highly melodic vocals and technical composition, but they are presenting a fresh current into the Korean music scene.

albas homemade

Some people might also be familiar with BULGOGIDISCO, which is the more formal The Koxx 2.0 and ALBAS are brothers in arms. “Day N Night” is their main single. With its walking pace and multilayered instrumentation, the track sounds like a stroll. It’s got an expertly crafted vocal melody that will get in your head. One of ALBAS’ greatest skills is creating verses that catch your attention. Add in how ALBAS mix their songs with different effects and they guarantee to keep your attention.

While “Day N Night” is the main single, “Midnight Blue” may be the catchier tune. It’s a slower, moodier, and sultry track that uses less-is-more. The guitar uses a wide variety of effects to create the atmosphere and the bass seems to be the leader. I really enjoy how the drums add more than just the beat, adding some attitude throughout the song.

For mainstream pop fans, “Whisper” might be the hook. It’s a little brighter than “Midnight Blue,” but offers the same addictive vocals with excellent instrumentation. The song also feels a bit like the safest, using recognizable melodic arrangements and elements. To close Homemade, ALBAS add in their version of a ballad. “Hotel Pool” is a comfortable exit to the EP. The English vocals also help cross the border to make the song digestible.

ALBAS lives in the highly melodic vocal and technical instrumentation world that was popularized by The Koxx. This subgenre is one of my favorites because who doesn’t love melodic vocals with energetic instrumentals? ALBAS made a great impression on the EP and will easily find fans once more people hear a track by the band.

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