When I saw Bosudongcooler and hathaw9y had a collaboration album, I was actually pretty confused. What would two bands create together? But strangely, the two bands have made four songs that highlight, combine, and massage each group’s style into something familiar but also new.

bosudongcooler hathaw9y love sand

“World Tour” showcases hathaw9y’s indie pop rock and funk style in this first song. I’m curious about the recording of each of the songs and which member recorded where. At first listen, you would think this is a pure hathaw9y song, but I think there are Bosudongcooler additions that aren’t obvious. I think a lot is the expanded vocals and chorus additions to make each track sound a little bigger. Past the bridge, you can hear a lot more layered vocals which is where I think the main feature exists.

“Tasty” leans back towards Bosudongcooler. It has a little more energy than Sand, but I think that’s more of a progression of the band rather than the track itself. “World Tour” was composed by hathaw9y with “Tasty” composed by Bosudongcooler. It’s interesting how each band’s style is complementary to one another even though when separated, there are noticeable differences.

Combining the two main composers, “Love & Peace” is the true combination of hathaw9y and Bosudongcooler. It does sound like a middle point between the two bands. The main melody carries a Bosudongcooler tone with the highlights and added elements pushing hathaw9y. It’s also great to hear the vocal mix work perfectly. If you didn’t know these were two bands, you might think this is some of the most polished indie rock.

Closing Love Sand, which might be a callback to the band’s past releases, “Festival” leans a little more Bosudongcooler in the introduction. As the song opens up though, you begin hearing those signature hathaw9y melodies. It’s kind of amazing that both bands were able to incorporate all the vocalists in the songs in meaningful ways instead of a line here and there.

Releases between two bands are usually splits, but Bosudongcooler and hathaw9y really created a collaboration album that highlights each band. It’s almost like a preview of a bigger project that could be something even larger and create a lot of interest in both bands and Korean music as a whole. I like each band individually a lot, though I lean a little more towards hathaw9y, this makes me want to listen to Bosudongcooler again.

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