Releasing two albums a year apart is an impressive achievement now. With the way music is consumed, it’s easier to release singles. Between TRPP and Here to stay, TRPP participated in soundtracks that might have given them the ability to work on their own second album.

trpp here to stay

Here to stay is a continuation of their self-titled album. The album mixed various rock styles while adding shoegaze accents to the music. There’s always a smooth flow between the verses and the melodies. This gives TRPP the ability to catch your attention and keep it.

The album also plays in different chapters. The first set of songs is a recognizable continuation of TRPP and then “Reflection” slowly transitions into a bit of synth electronic pop rock feeling. TRPP have a core sound that’s defined by a lot of effects and pushing rock, but they are also able to add other elements into tracks organically and it’s like a different perspective.

Standout tracks, like “HIgher than the sun,” help TRPP stick out. Here to stay’s 13 tracks is a lot of ground to cover and TRPP could have gone into some repetitive ideas, but the album feels fresh on all the songs. The next chapter of Here to stay is a set of moody tracks. TRPP takes you on this strange journey, but continue to improve. I don’t think Here to stay is meant to be heard in a random order, TRPP has specifically arranged the album so you travel this audio path.

The polish and refinement that TRPP creates in composition, mixing, and mastering continues on Here to stay. It has a lot of influences that come out through the music and I’m surprised by how enjoyable the album is, especially with repeat plays. This is one of those albums that can’t be missed.

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