A little over a year since MOA4550, MOA returns with a new EP. She’s continuing the base she set on her previous EP, but there’s a different level of polish on these five songs. Her electronic and R&B style progress forward, which will surely attract more people.

moa timing pool

“Victoria’s secret” actually sounds like it could have been a Kpop single if it has a double-timed tempo, but in her hands, the song is a light R&B, electronic, and pop track. MOA is able to create great songs some of which are helped by the different producers that help compose and arrange the songs. Hyung-joo Lee, Charming Lips, HEB, Heve, and OLNL provide a different style than the producers on MOA4550. It’s more organic, slightly more natural, and allows a bit more freedom than the songs on MOA’s previous EP.

Charming Lips has a signature and combined with MOA’s own style, it creates a very comfortable and engaging experience. “Butterfly Alarm” is my favorite track on Timing pool. Partially because the instrumental is simple and allows MOA to be the center point of the song and because it doesn’t hide her performance.

If you’re looking for something a little more pop-friendly, “Timing pool” has you covered. It’s definitely the most active song on the EP and MOA is moving across her range. “Red Wine” is another Charming Lips collaboration and is different from “Butterfly Alarm.” The instrumental is faster and an active percussion sample gives the song a larger presence. Her almost half-time vocals restrain some of the acceleration, but I like how she’s able to remain the core of the song.

I do think that “Paint (reverse)” is an outlier because of OLNL’s feature. The song has a nice R&B mixed with rock and electronic feel throughout the majority until OLNL starts an autotuned rap which breaks the song a lot. It feels unnatural.

I’m happy that MOA has another EP in her discography. She continues to improve with each release and Timing pool has strong songs except for “Paint (reverse)” as the one weird song. She’s fun to hear and I’m excited about a full length.

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