After three days, with the support of musicians, readers, and some very generous people, we reached the hosting goal for the site’s upcoming renewal. In fact, people donated so much that we can pay for a three-year renewal instead of the regular one-year.

This support has honestly left me speechless because so many people donated and right now I’m very aware that money is tight. Personally, I’ve been unemployed for around six months with over 100 or so applications for various jobs and multiple interviews that went nowhere. The hosting renewal is always an expected and unwelcome cost of running the site.

So when I saw that hosting renewal was coming up at the end of the year, I was stressed. Could I afford to pay the cost this year? What would happen if Korean Indie went dark? There were a lot of questions without answers.

This is why I made the decision to ask the Korean Indie audience for help. Because I didn’t have a lot of options. And I thank every single person who was able to donate. You don’t know how much this means in the 11-year history of the website.

Thank you to everyone who was able to donate regardless of the amount. The fact that you took the time to give shows that the site has an audience. Also thank you to some unexpected donators. I didn’t expect some of the emails I got.

Korean Indie isn’t going anywhere and it’s directly because of these people.


Korean Indie owner and Editor at Large. Constantly looking for new music and working on library parity on Spotify and YouTube Music.