It’s likely I probably wouldn’t have come across moonsu in 2022 if he hadn’t messaged on Instagram. Realistically, I might have come across his music from his Bandcamp page but that might have been next year during a deep dive of the website. He let me know that his album Aliens was on Bandcamp and would be released on streaming in October.

moonsu aliens

Overall, Aliens is an electronic album, mixing experimental samples, hip hop themes, and alternative sounds together. This means that Aliens has the challenge to present a cohesive audio narrative. moonsu reminds me of Dongchan, KIRARA, and other electronic artists who manipulate samples. Aliens has its own voice though.

The “intro” track does prepare you for your journey. The hip hop and trip hop rhythms mixed with a little bit of drone and extended verses. It’s “Aliens” where you fully dive into moonsu’s world though. The drum beat is pretty standard but combined with the different samples, it presents a strong start. “Santa’s Homicide” is, honestly, just a strange track. It sounds like a track to test splitting the beat and how far moonsu can go before the beat is too stretched to understand what’s happening.

The album does have a soundtrack feel to it. Like each track has a specific level assigned to it. This gives Aliens a way to jump in different directions without sounding too different. Song titles, like “Pool,” do offer some preview of the music, but it’s not a direct explanation of what you’re going to hear.

“Beta” may be the song that most people get attracted to. It’s the easiest to get into from the first verse. Though “Panick” might be a favorite for lo-fi hip hop listeners. The song variety is tight with moonsu definitely focused on specific themes across all his music.

Aliens is a varied listen. It’s an interesting electronic album, mixing and adapting genres to fit his perspective. I do wish there was a little more of a cohesive narrative throughout because it feels like a group of songs that fill up an album. There’s enough to keep you interested though some songs will stick better than others.

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