Mohho Project has a long history in Korean music. She was part of the now-disbanded Guten Birds and also part of the duo howaho with eeeho. It’s been a while since she’s released solo music and her 2022 album, Sauce, Kite, Lake is definitely a move forward. Overall the album is a mix of melancholy songs and a mixture of alt-country, folk, and indie as heard on “Nothing Much.”

mohho project sauce kite lake

The core of Sauce, Kite, Lake is mainly acoustic guitar and Mohho’s vocals. Songs also add a full band to add to the dimension of the music, but you’re always focused on her. “The Clock Goes Too Fast” is Mohho and her guitar and really shows just how comfortable she is in this genre. It’s a mellow introduction to the album.

The greatest strength of Sauce, Kite, Lake is Mohho’s ability to vary the types of songs within her chosen style. Song composition is impressive. “Pouting Flower” adds electric guitar, bass, and drums to expand the track and even adds some brass to give extra strength. It leans more towards indie rock while still presenting a bit of yearning.

There’s a comfortable pace throughout the album. “Home Sweet Home” is one of the strongest tracks with its minimalism. It highlights the composition and arrangement. It has a timeless tone and highlights another side of Mohho that wasn’t really heard in her other bands.

Indie rock and acoustic fans will find a lot to enjoy on this slower and deliberate burn. Mohho Project isn’t in a hurry to get from one track to the next and Sauce, Kite, Lake has a lot of strong singles that attract your ear. “Nothing Much” to be is probably the best song to me because it highlights some familiar alt-country and folk themes, but grabs your attention.

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