Big Violin Player is an interesting artist. Not because she’s primarily a cello player, but because she’s able to compose really interesting songs using a mixture of instruments. Big Violin Player sits in a weird genre, it’s partially easy listening instrumental music, partially indie, and an added mix of jazz elements. The combination is addictive and engaging.

“Cello Arirang” is an apt description of the song. It’s a modern interpretation of the classic folk song using the cello, piano, bass, and drums. At first, it’s a little difficult to hear the common melodic lines of the song, but the recognizable verse appears. Minyo Cello is four traditional folk songs with an added bonus track that highlights her skills adapting old music into something new.

If you’ve heard Big Violin Player before, you’ve heard her use of what sounds like scratching on the cello strings. “Munjigi” opens with this signature and a sweeping piano melody. I have to admit, I don’t know a lot of traditional Korean folk songs so I’m not entirely sure what’s adapted. But Big Violin Player is definitely bringing these tracks into a modern era. Her use of jazz and funk elements is shown through the different complementary and opposing rhythms on every song.

Sometimes I feel like Big Violin Player’s music is suited for soundtracks or game themes with how she arranges long note sustains. “The Toad’s house on Mars” definitely has an outer space feeling to it. The piano builds an array of stars while the cello is your navigation. A highlight of Big Violin Player’s composition is that songs are always moving, adding, and building from verse to verse.

“Boating Funk” adds another level with an electronic percussion and synth base before adding a cello and piano. It has a mysterious build-up throughout each verse like you’re floating through a misty surface that’s slowly revealing itself. The track is also the most experimental of the EP with a lot of effects and tone layering. “Flower Seed” is definitely a drama OST song. It’s simple and melodic with a slightly melancholy aftertaste. The cello matched with piano seems to be the perfect combination for Big Violin Player and this is shown perfectly.

Minyo Cello is a great listen when you need something calming but engaging. Or really good background music if you need to focus. I really like hearing how Big Violin Player evolves through her experimentation and composition. Minyo Cello might not be an album you seek out specifically, but it’s worth having it in your library for those special moments.

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