Damons year is known for his soft and mellow indie music. Each release adds to his signature sound and understandably has helped him gain a big following. Mondegreen comes after his early 2021 full length HEADACHE. If you’re familiar with his music, Mondegreen is another welcome addition to his discography.

damons year mondegreen

“Untitled_02” is a long introduction to the album with a very slow burn. It feels shorter than the three-minute playtime and sets us the rest of the album. There’s a break during the bridge that’s marked with a cassette side switch and Damons year switches his vocals a bit. “Blanche” is a switch, moving into a bit of an R&B indie sway. It grows through each verse with Damons year focuses on the melody which is guided by his vocals.

I’m surprised that “F.U.Y” isn’t a title track because it sounds like it could attract a ton of people. It’s like an evolution of that coffee house style that became really popular some years ago. I would also say that while Damons year doesn’t strictly follow the style, his music easily fits the soundtrack genre for dramas. Also, unlike many albums, Mondgreen has a pretty even distribution of plays per song. Everything passes 10,000 plays with “Blanche” the main single at 34,000 plus. It’s likely the song that was added to many playlists.

While centered around mellow indie music, Damons year takes steps outside here and there. You can definitely hear his signature throughout the album, but he’s also able to add a nice variety throughout the album. Even when songs use the same arrangement, there’s enough difference that it retains your attention.

“D16 D17” is a song that takes advantage of bass and drums. This style is my preference for Damons year. I think a full band really allows him to create really engaging music. The simpler music is ok but sounds more like background music instead of something to keep your attention at all times. “Gestalt – Mondegreen ver.” is another full band track that has the same compelling style. It’s slower, has a bit more of a groove, and really lets Damons year shine.

The final two songs help close Mondegreen and call back to the earlier songs. Overall Damons year has added nine more songs to his discography that showcase his music and will continue to attract fans who discover him.

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