Before his appearance on Show Me The Money introduced Slom’s music to a wider audience, he was recognised as a producer for artists like Zion T., GIRIBOY, and Jay Park. Now is his first chance to freely express himself through a full-length album.

Weather Report is saturated with Slom’s staple tranquillity and jazzy R&B sounds. His deadpan but amusing personality translates through 7 songs that feel groovy and low-energy at the same time. At points, Weather Report is excellent. However, at points, the music is a bit like its white and blue cover: cold and simplistic.

slom weather report

Weather Report is a tasty bite of R&B beats and jazzy melodies. The production quality is absolutely perfect. At his best, Slom shows a masterclass in producing, even though at times the music feels cold and calculated. While his previous album MINISERIES, a collaboration with Sumin, was sexy and energetic, this one is cold and filled with nostalgia.

The single “ANIRAGO” is a lustful R&B song with a groovy, pungent beat. Heavy with ambient synthesiser, it’s dark and sexy. “CACTUS” brings some energy with funky piano and Beenzino’s immaculate flow. The album is quite uneven, as next to these gems there are tracks that sound a bit formal and dispassionate. “Skit” lacks any kind of edge, even with the outstanding features from Lee Hi and Loco, while “WHAT DO I DO” is groovy but forgettable. Both of these tracks are solid but unsurprising. Their classic R&B sound falls flat when compared to the rest of the album. 

Slom’s unique spark comes back in the seductive “D.R.E.A.M.” This song has everything: great lyrics, a mellow but powerful flow and a hypnotic beat. With pH-1’s compact rap and an absolutely mesmerising hook, it immediately catches the listener’s attention. The following “LETTER SEND TO YOU” is an instrumental track reminiscent of classic movie soundtracks with a modern spin. It is a nice addition, but it awkwardly slows down the flow of the album.

“UMBRELLA” feels like a breath of fresh air. The instrumental track has a unique sense of freedom to it as if Slom was able to finally use his creativity without any constraints. It gives a glimpse of the goofy funkiness missing from the rest of the album. With a funky, bubbling melody flowing through the entire track, it feels less calculated than the rest of Weather Report. A relaxing, laid-back feeling settles in between each little blurb of the synthesiser, creating a phenomenal track. 

In Weather Report, next to the groovy sound, Slom offers quite a bleak take on love. The themes explore the pain of being in complicated love relationships. “ANIRAGO” is a tortured love confession, while “CACTUS” describes being in a relationship as slowly turning into a lonely cactus. The lyrics of each song are full of existential pain, the protagonists being held hostage by their emotions and anxieties.

However, the album is not completely drowned in apathy, as the vocal performances from featuring artists bring life and emotion to the lyrics. The selection of acclaimed singers and rappers featured on this album is truly impressive. Zion T. shows off his unmatched skills in the excruciatingly emotional chorus of “ANIRAGO,” while Beenzino and pH-1 deliver some of the best rap features of this year. 

Weather Report is a perfectly chill album; a fine background listen for nostalgic rumination. It overflows with nostalgia and ambiguity, but could use a bit of playfulness. Slom delivers impeccable production with his signature laid-back sound, making his first solo album an undeniable success.

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