Aluminum Hipster is The Black Underground‘s second entry in the Avant-Garde Jesus series. The entire album comes from a single person. All the instruments, composition, arrangements, mixing, mastering, and design come from one vision. The Black Underground describes themselves as “indie punk noise pop blues.” That description tells you what you’ll hear on Aluminum Hipster.

the black underground aluminum hipster

Outside that description, The Black Underground offers nine songs and 37 minutes of music. I personally hear some dark club British rock weaving through the indie, punk, noise, pop, and blues. The collision of sounds results in a slow tempo, and moody, and slightly wandering tracks adding a melancholy tone to the album. “People Talk Too Much” gives a perfect introduction as the song feels a little dirty with vocals sounding like almost an afterthought.

I think the attraction of The Black Underground is that it can easily match a slightly depressed mood where you want to dwell in some darker styles. There are some questionable songs like “More Is Gay” and I’m not sure the message it’s trying to offer.

But The Black Underground does show off high-quality songs at the same time. “Chemical Suicide King” has a slow acoustic start that slowly builds through each verse. By the end it’s a full band sound that just carries a heavy weight. My favorite song, based on the instrumentals, is “August Sun.” The crunchy guitar distortion feels overwhelming with support from a low bass and simple drum track.

Aluminum Hipster is mood music, designed for a specific time. It won’t speak to you during high life points, but when you’re feeling sad or morose, this is the soundtrack for that time.

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