Chosun Electronic Music Big Party is an electronic dance music album that merges the EDM genre with Korean traditional music. This includes traditional instruments and singing techniques. The album is quick at a little over 22 minutes, but the energy it gives is amazing.

gukjeondan chosun electronic music big party

Many of the songs are interpretations of traditional songs or use themes that flow through traditional music. The result is basically an EP that fuels its energy with gasoline and grabs your attention immediately. It’s one of those ideas that sounds like it shouldn’t really work but the talents of Flash Finger, JooBooM, and Kwon Dan are masters in combining all these ideas together.

I also think that the EDM style that Gukjeondan uses is more focused on upbeat and melodic samples rather than bass-heavy or hard verse cuts. Every track has a focus on melodies and intelligently lifting the traditional elements while mixing them with the electronic backgrounds. You can hear all the instruments and each element is precisely placed for full effect.

With many artists and bands adopting this growing genre, it’s great to see so many interpretations. Instead of one base style integrating Korean traditional instruments or vocal techniques, artists from many different genres are finding ways to add history to modern music. Gukjeondan is adding to this genre.

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