As always, there are artists that slip through my feed and I don’t find them until after they’ve released something great. Della Zyr is a great example of that. Vitamins and Apprehension was released in January 2022 and I only found the album in late December 2022. What stuck out about the tone of the EP was it reminded me a lot of Donawhale, one of the most influential bands of my Korean Indie journey.

della zyr vitamins and apprehension

“Following Her to No Particular Sunrise” sounds like what Donawhale could have been on a third or fourth release. Della Zyr captures that indie rock and indie pop sound perfectly. The layered instrumentals with conversations between guitars and synth are a perfect reminder of why I like Donawhale.

And even better, Della Zyr presents this effortlessly. I think that the percussion on the track is programmed as there are some rhythms that don’t seem entirely organic. But this eight-minute song shows off Della Zyr’s dream pop and shoegaze talents.

The next song, “Pale Blue Dot” is a bit more subdued and presents a mellow indie rock song. Della Zyr’s vocals (and in English) are warm and carry a longing as they glide over each verse. “Pale Blue Dot” does a great job showing a different side from the introduction to Vitamins and Apprehension.

“Dream I: 호​박​씨​, 고​마​움​, 아​쉬​움” is a short introduction track that really sets up “Dream II: 저울.” The two songs are an excellent break among the six songs. “Dream II: 저울” is interesting because it uses the same foundation that Della Zyr set up in previous songs, but adds a bit of an alternative folk layer. Looking at the lyrics, I finally realized that Della Zyr mixes Korean and English in her songs. Verses exchange languages without a problem and everything sounds natural. This is a song that really reminds me of Dajung‘s audio world and it’d be great to hear a split EP or something.

Vitamins and Apprehension is her first release and it’s amazing to hear how well-composed and arranged the album comes through. “살고 싶​어​!” goes back to the Donawhale-esque sound and mixes in some higher energy tempos and melodies. I think what makes Della Zyr stick out to me is her synth use and how it weaves within each verse.

The final song, “나의 미래 (So Please Don​’​t Leave Me) / 한숨 / To Go Forward Despite the Terror of Living in This World, Clinging to a Tiny Speck of Hope,” is a beast and an impressive end to the EP. Go in clean and just experience this journey.

Della Zyr released something special. I wish I hadn’t missed the album in 2022 because it would have definitely made my Best of 2022 list. Her second EP, Nebulous You, came out in mid-December 2022 so I’m really curious about what has changed throughout the year.

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