According to Attention 24, Purple is an album that brings back nostalgia from when the members turned 20. What results is an EP that contains a lot of upbeat punk that uses pop punk as its foundation. It’s a quick listen that brings back memories of early 2000s-era U.S. punk rock.

attention 24 purple

Attention 24 has existed since 2013, but infrequent releases haven’t allowed the band to grow with a consistent audience. Punk rock fans will enjoy the nostalgic sound of Purple and Attention 24 is impressive as always. The four-piece plays their parts perfectly. The guitar leads every song with the bass guitar adding support to tracks while the drumming guides every verse and accents the high and low points.

Pop punk fans get the best experience and Japanese punk fans will also hear some elements in songs. There isn’t a huge standout single though, it’s more that every song is solid and serves as a great single. Attention 24 is tight and precise on every song. “No good” stands out a bit because it sounds like an older Korean rock track more than a punk rock song.

As you move through the EP, it becomes a bit clearer on the genres that influenced Attention 24 during their younger years. In some songs like “Zombie,” you actually hear older arrangement styles that a lot of bands used back in the day. That doesn’t make tracks boring though and Attention 24 is successful in giving life to these styles again.

I really like Attention 24 and wished they were able to release music regularly. Even with the band going back to the past to celebrate their 20s, Purple highlights what makes Attention 24 a fun band to follow.

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