Hip-hop and rap are genres that I listen to when something grabs my attention. The genre is one of the biggest in South Korea, next to pop with a lot of artists creating music that can easily grab the attention of international audiences. But the hip-hop or rap that I like is a little more subdued and mellow. And that’s what 8호실 peridot is.

8호실 peridot

After watching the group’s music video for “Please,” I immediately started listening to Full Time Workers. The seven-song album is quick at 20 minutes, but there’s an attraction in every song. It feels like the foursome is making music that doesn’t have a lot of direct outside influence. It’s, in a way, an indie and exploratory style of hip-hop.

“Camp away” and “Camp away 2” are lowkey companion tracks. With a mix of mellow melodies through the guitar and the vocals, it disarms expectations. It offers an R&B introduction before the verses begin. With the actual rapping, it follows the beat, but there’s a lot of delivery on the backbeat making it sound like it’s always trying to catch up or the fact that 8호실 peridot isn’t really concerned.

8호실 peridot can also surprise. “Good religion” is a synth-heavy, vocal-forward electronic R&B and pop song. It switches the entire tone of the album on track three. Then “Sunshine breeze” goes into an indie hip-hop world. Strangely the vocals remind me a bit of Zico in tone, but the delivery has a different swagger. It really sounds like the group is focused on a group performance where each member adds their own element when it feels organic.

Full Time Workers sounds nostalgic on the first playthrough. Then it feels like it refreshed the hip-hop and R&B combination styles. It’s strange that the album is tagged as indie and rock. It might have genre elements, but I think Full Time Workers is another amazing entry in those other genres.

Ending the album (and releasing a video) with “Please” is kind of genius. The song is a mellow highlight for every member and it’s disarming in how it feels like a bunch of friends just having fun together. The natural expressions of each member make you want to listen to the track on repeat.

This might be one of the best albums of 2023 and missed by many listeners. 8호실 peridot captures a tone and energy that shouldn’t be missed because there are definitely standout songs on the album.

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