Tuesday Beach Club released three singles in 2022 before dropping a five-song EP at the end of the year. That’s a decent amount of music in a short time. Even though their self-titled EP contains previous singles, this is the best introduction to the band’s unique indie rock.

tuesday beach club

The quartet plays that beachside mellow indie rock that can be heard by bands like hathaw9y, Parasol Waves, CHS, and more. The growing genre is interesting because each band has its own signature, but captures the distinct feeling of being next to the ocean.

Opening the EP, “MARY” highlights everything addictive. Kim Ye-dam‘s vocals are warm and sultry. They easily glide over the instrumentals. Woo Seong-lim‘s guitar, Jo Yong-jun’s bass, and Park Do-hyup’s drums round out each track. It’s clear that each member performs a necessary piece to each of Tuesday Beach Club‘s music.

“LOBSTER KING” is the main single and adds some organ synth and funk into the indie rock base. As one of their previous singles, this is the song that attracts a lot of attention. It has a constantly moving melody with a larger focus on rhythm. The mix on “LOBSTER KING” is different because it sounds like every instrument is on the same level with highlights pulling individual tones up and down. It gives the song a constantly moving crescendo.

As much as I like “LOBSTER KING,” “Way” is my favorite song on the EP. It has an extended drum introduction and once the track opens up, it just captures my attention. While it might have similar features to Tuesday Beach Club’s other songs, the half-time chorus is perfect to give the song a switch.

My initial reaction to Tuesday Beach Club is the same as hathaw9y. I found a band that sticks out and composed songs that have really grabbed my attention. With the speed at that Tuesday Beach Club have released music and the expectations they’ve set on this first EP, I can only imagine their next extended release with be something even better.

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