For me, Fromm has been the quintessential Korean indie artist. Her voice is low, smooth, and warm, her soundscapes are almost always echoey and enveloping, and something about her has always been overall pleasing to me. Her most recent album, Mood, Sunday, invokes both the laidback aura of that titular Sunday afternoon, where everything feels free and easy, and the sense of sadness Sundays bring as the week draws to a close. 

fromm mood sunday

With filtered guitars and slow, steady drums, Fromm delivers a number of tracks that fit right into the rest of her discography. Opening number “That’s all we need” is a perfect example, but the most notable in that vein, in my opinion, is “JAVI&NIGHT.” It’s classic Fromm, with an additional pep in its step. Orchestral strings swell with the chorus as the cymbals offer a gentle, shimmery clash. It has added depth and drama as opposed to the other tracks, making it perfect for a nighttime drive. 

Songs like “Spring fizz” bring a bit more energy with a blooming, fresh sound. It’s lighthearted, with a bright synth echoing the opening riff. This addition gives the track a slightly psychedelic edge, offering something a bit different from the rest of the album. 

Softer tracks like the piano-driven “WATER” and string-laden “Breeze I Come Across” have a particularly relaxing atmosphere, simple and lovely. Similarly, “ALOHA” is a love song that’s syrupy sweet, and just as deliciously slow, another song perfect for an evening drive. “Your sweetness” features an acoustic guitar and tambourines that usher us into another honeyed slow song. Its soundscape slowly becomes more complex, with synth and reverb joining the drums and strings, before returning to the minimalism it began with.

The closer, “Same Old Evening,” has the qualities of a ballad – driven mostly by a lone piano and Fromm’s regretful voice, it’s identifiable as a breakup song even without the lyrics. A guitar joins the mix, but the piano still dominates the soundscape.

Overall, Fromm never misses the mark. She has found her sound and knows how to play to her strengths, but still offers listeners something new in each release. The filtered guitar and vocals give it a faraway sound, yet her tracks always make me feel like I’m surrounded by the music. Whether you need songs for a night drive or a sunny afternoon, Mood, Sunday, has something that might just hit the spot. 

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