Yunsae composes overly sweet indie pop music backed with electronic instrumentals. She’s a prolific artist, constantly releasing singles since her 2019 debut. Throughout this time, it looks like she’s steadily grown her audience with her music. Madi reviewed flowerain, Yunsae’s first EP, and I decided to take listen to her second when the stars align.

yunsae when the stars align

The 12-minute EP highlights every positive aspect of Yunsae’s music. It’s bright and melodic. Her vocals are on the higher end of the octave but fit each song perfectly. What’s more impressive is that all the songs were composed by Yunsae with arrangements assisted by Hushey. It’s impressive that she has this strong vision for her music.

“stardust” is the perfect light drama soundtrack song. It sounds like it would fit a coming-of-age high school series. The electronic pop arrangement is relatively simple on the surface, but everything gels together.

While “stardust” is the lead single, “youniverse” has over 23,000 plays on Spotify. It’s likely that it was added to one of the platform’s playlists. Yunsae sticks out because while she’s a self-proclaimed “K-indie singersongwriterproducer,” Yunsae can blend into mainstream pop music.

There’s a nostalgia to her music and while her foundation is pop music supported by electronic pop, she’s able to integrate other genres. “daydream” sounds like an R&B pop song that could easily fit on a Korean pop playlist. Her voice is unique and can be used to explore other styles. I would be interested in hearing her true range because her vocals do enjoy the higher end.

when the stars align sounds like an exploration of new ideas. It doesn’t just sit in electronic pop and simmer. She’s completely able to go into mainstream pop and she proves that on “I need it to be you.” Listening to the EP, I feel like there’s something growing under the surface. If Yunsae releases a full length, it could blow up.

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