When I started listening to SIGNAL X‘s Uncensored, their introduction track “Welcome!” brought immediate KIRARA vibes. It was strange because when I listen to electronic artists, they usually have some unique signature. Then once “No.3” began, I wondered if I was hearing a KIRARA side project.

signal x uncensored

KIRARA has a unique sound in how they use synth tones, rhythm, and tempo. “No.3” contains most of these elements. But once I got to the third song, “Rockken Roll,” I started to hear a break into something different. SIGNAL X is definitely in the same space as KIRARA, but the duo creates a percussion- and synth-focused universe. It’s all about moving from verse to verse by filling each individual beat without any space.

Uncensored also reminds me of rhythm games, more specifically LUMINES. The music puzzle game used a lot of tracks in this electronic genre to create a punishing hybrid. But I will say that SIGNAL X isn’t focused on high-melodic tracks that blend from verse to verse. Every track is aggressive. Notes are at the front of the tempo, forcing you to move at their pace.

But even though the album isn’t made for background music, it’s always offering a high-energy experience. The songs demand your attention, demand your appreciation, and require focus. Because even though there’s so much happening during every SIGNAL X song, the pair are carefully crafting electronic music that is polished. The album has that dirty cyberpunk tone too and I like how it’s just in front of the line of punishing your ears.

SIGNAL X made music that’s perfect for a video game experience either racing, a cyberpunk RPG, or a music puzzle game. The almost 41-minute album burns your brain with its tempo and composition. Get a good pair of headphones and prepare for an audio ride.

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