Back in 2021, Meejah released Queen of Spring, an ambient, noise, post rock, and shoegaze album. It was a concept album that integrated “8 trigrams in Korean and taoist philosophy.” Mai Soon Young Øvlisen, a Korean adoptee, used this album to explore her roots while bridging her own life and music experiences.

Skærmbillede 2021-10-27 kl. 20.48.14 meejah
Photo credit Frej Rosenstjerne

Now Queen of Spring’s first single, “Queen Min, Rise (Fire ☲),” has its official music video, released on POCLANOS’ YouTube, one of the most well-known Korean music distributors.

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The Danish-Korean band Meejah is releasing their first music video for the song “Queen Min, Rise (Fire ☲)”. The video is filmed in the old royal, botanical gardens in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, Denmark by art photographer Frej Rosenstjerne.

The song is a chanelleling of the eternal spirit of the Korean Queen Min, who was assassinated in the royal palace in Seoul in 1895. The music video is inspired by the film work in Tarkovsky’s “Mirror”, slowmotion shots in Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia” and the Salpuri ritual. Their debut album Queen of Spring is written over the 8 trigrams, and this song embodies the energy of Fire ☲.

Meejah is Daniel Nayberg, Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold & Mai Soon Young Øvlisen. The band was nominated for a Steppeulv Award – the Danish Music Critic’s Award in 2022.

Meejah interprets the Korean diaspora from a Nordic point of view: identity, loss, spiritual reunification and finding peace.

Leadsinger Mai Soon Young Øvlisen is a Korean Adoptee, who grew up in Denmark with her Danish family. Connecting with the legacy of Empress Myeongseong, The Eulmi Incident and finding a female key person in Korean history, is a way for her to interpret her roots and origin, which was disrupted early in her life story.

Last fall Meejah did a support concert for Danish Korean Rights Group which fights for Adoptees’ right to origin and truth. There are over 200.000 Korean Adoptees worldwide.

Meejah has played at A Colossal Weekend, G! Festival, Spot Festival and they did the opening gig for Jambinai (KR) when they played in Copenhagen. On behalf of Meejah, Mai Soon Young Øvlisen will do a vocal feature at Roadburn Festival 2023 in Holland with the commissioned project John Cxnnor – “All My Future’s Past” which hightlights the Danish underground scene.


Camera: Frej Rosenstjerne

Director on set: Mads Elmquist

Idea: Mai Soon Young Øvlisen

Edit: Jon Gotlev / NO HEROES

Composer: Mai Soon Young Øvlisen

Recorded at BlipBlop Studio, Roskilde

Meejah is Daniel Nayberg, Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold & Mai Soon Young Øvlisen

Final Mix: Lille Høg

Master: Magnus Lindberg

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