Mingginyu’s latest release can be best described as a soft pop escapist fantasy. The singer-songwriter employs the album’s fairytale-like setting to explore the connection between youth, nostalgia, and apathy. These days consists of seven short songs that serve as small glimpses into the singer’s idle life, filled with daydreaming and nostalgia. Mingginyu collaborated with producer Jaw to deliver this playful but polished record. The lyrics openly display the singer’s vulnerability, while the music brings to mind warm summer days.

mingginyu these days

The record is dominated with chill lofi sounds. Minggingyu used this release as an opportunity to touch on different genres, but all the songs fit in with her subdued, whimsical style. She first achieves a relaxed, bubbly mood with slow guitar strings and simple melodies in “Helpless,” just to jump straight into seductive lo-fi with “One and Only”.

There are also moments where the energy picks up, like in the R&B-infused “Blink!” or the lively pop ballad “Don’t you love me.” Somewhere in between all this, she fits “A Letter For” a wistful acoustic ballad. Throughout the album, Mingginyu sprinkles in string instruments, flutes, quirky sound effects, and windchimes, crafting an elusive fantasy for the listeners. 

Below the uplifting, bubble-gum melodies hides a deeper personal meaning. The album delves into feelings of anxiety and the uneasiness of youth. The paradox of being young: living an idle life with no responsibilities while simultaneously dealing with heartbreak and anxiety. The singer ponders feelings of self-imposed helplessness “blame it on the hot weather” she says, talking about her own indifference and lack of agency in her life.

At the end of a futile day, for some reason I don’t answer

Blame it on the hot weather

In this short album, the young singer manages to touch on a wide range of topics related to early adulthood and her own escapist tendencies. Under the sweet sound lies true vulnerability and anxiousness. Mingginyu’s collaboration with Jaw resulted in a tasteful, impeccably produced release.

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