Red C has been releasing music since 2020 but only recently had music appear on Spotify and YouTube Music. I saw a live video on AZIT LIVE and was curious about the duo. The siblings play guitar and drums, a style that used to have a lot of bands but has gone a bit quiet. National Pigeon Unity, Dead Buttons, and Oh Chill were well-known duos; all the bands evolved to either include more members or change their sound over time.

red c the place

The Place starts off strong. “A Day With Me” gives some Dead Buttons vibes with the rock instrumentals. The difference with Red C is that there’s a bit more deliberate tempo use. It’s a great start that grabs your attention. “The Place” reminds me of the first time I heard Dead Buttons. It has that British rock tone in the guitar with the repeated drum groove. It’s got all the right elements in place, but it’s missing some of the attitude and swagger this genre requires.

I think the song is finely polished, but the song needs to let loose a bit more. Following “The Place” is a slower and more melodic song “You, Loving Flowers.” The track moves into more indie rock and ballad territory and expands on Red C’s songwriting abilities, but stops the built-up energy of the first two tracks.

Red C continues this mellow infusion on “Daddy’s Photo Album.” It fits the indie rock change that they presented on “You, Loving Flowers,” but also loses some of the EP’s overall energy. “More Love to Thee” salvages a little bit of the momentum with a blues rock church song. The energy is good, but the addition of the song is a little strange.

“I Grilled…” feels like it’s trying to dive into a porch blues track, but in the end feels too much like a good instrumental with throwaway lyrics. It’s kind of like Red C starts too strong and the following songs can’t keep up the same quality.

The Place is a decent EP. “A Day With Me” and “The Place” are obviously stronger songs and it might have been better to release the EP as a single with these two songs and use the other four on a full length. As the EP stands now, it’s a highlight start with a weak ending.

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