gyuahh showed up as a related artist when I was looking through new releases. Listening to FRAGILE (handle with love), it’s clear that there are a lot of influences that appear consistently. With basassgatsby and stevenc4stle assisting with the EPs arrangement and fendi fantom assisting with the composition of “ridiculous,” gyuahh’s debut EP has a lot of hands in the pot.

gyuahh fragile handle with love

“nani?” reminds me of Doja Cat. It’s not one specific thing, but the overall impression that “nani?” offers. gyuahh’s vocals are light and lightly skip over each beat. The tropical style of the beat is great and especially during the chorus, gyuahh feels like a Korean interpretation of a Doja Cat track.

“nightlove” features Yusemei and gives gyuahh the chance to show off R&B-focused vocals. The song is pretty middle of the road. You’ve probably heard this style before and there’s nothing surprising about it. But it’s solid and you can enjoy the two minutes and forty-five-second length.

And while “nightlove” is the title track, “ms. edcalls” is the one that got a music video. In this song, gyuahh is able to show a more natural vocal octave. Though she has a similar delivery to BIBI on “ms. edcalls,” gyuahh finally sounds focused and presents her own style.

It sounds like there was a compromise, gyuahh is able to focus more on a somber and moody R&B tone on some songs but not all of them. “ridiculous” is another decent standard track. I think the instrumental is a little too sparse to properly support her vocals though.

Doja Cat-channeled gyuahh appears again on “troublemaker.” Also, it has some pop elements that remind me of fourth-generation Korean pop idol compositions.

FRAGILE’s final song “newlove” is composed by gyuahh with arrangement help from badassgatsby. It doesn’t stray very far from the other tracks but there’s a larger presence of the instrumental which gives gyuahh more room to move. “newlove” shows off gyuahh as an artist rather than a speaker.

The EP is alright, favoring some existing artists’ styles and trends to create gyuahh’s instrumentals. She has the talent though I don’t know if this genre and style is the one that will ultimately show off her talent.

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