It’s been years since Daddy O Radio‘s We should drink more. The band’s 2019 EP was a great introduction to their Floggy Molly– and Dropkick Murphys-inspired punk rock. GREEN TATTOO is the first full length, offering 12 songs centered around this Irish-inspired punk rock sound. And while it works, a bit of fatigue can happen over the 39 minutes of music.

daddy o radio green tattoo

Daddy O Radio succeeds the best when they play fast tempos and move through verses quickly. The high energy really captures their influences. Their sound is definitely surprising considering it’s coming from a group of Korean musicians. But they know all the intricacies that create this specific sound. But while they are successful, the same thing happens to me when I listen to Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly – I get a little tired.

That’s not to discount GREEN TATTOO’s highlights. The start of the album throws you right into a party. “The Way Together” and “Let’s Go” is the perfect drinking soundtrack. And Daddy O Radio also adds some variety with “Flamingo” and “Drunken Master.” But, for me, this style of music is best in EP form where the energy is focused on a smaller set of tracks.

GREEN TATTOO is like that person who stays at the bar too long. It feels a little forced by the end. It might be the consistent groove that the music style requires or how some elements get repetitive and are heard on multiple songs. With the member’s experience, every song is polished and highlights the band’s talents, but it might be that GREEN TATTOO is too inspired and influenced by the genre. Or I might have aged out of the style.

Daddy O Radio has a great album, but it might be for a younger audience. Personally, I get tired a little too quickly and can’t keep up through the end of the album.

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