On June 10, 2023, Love X Stereo and DA1SY DØØM (aka Mindy Song) will release 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ, a collaboration EP whose inspiration was sparked back in 2019 after Love X Stereo opened for NIght Dreamer (Mindy Song and Jeff Schroeder).

Then, according to the press release:

Fast forward to August 2021. Wrestling with the restlessness of trying to write new songs during the throes of the pandemic doldrums, Love X Stereo was stuck sifting through raw ideations and rough iterations of a work-in-progress single when an out of the blue DM from Mindy — “Do you want to do a collab?” — unexpectedly struck the chord they were looking for.

Swayed by the instant clairvoyance of that chance online encounter, Love X Stereo quickly realized she was the missing link on the unfinished single and immediately sent her bits to twist and beats to tweak. With Mindy donning her freshly minted artist-producercurator-collective moniker — DA1SY DØØM — what started out simply as a creative collaboration on 1 song soon upward spiraled into 4 more songs (co-produced with DJ/Producer J-Path), 1 music video (produced/directed by Alkima Film @ Seoul/LA), and 1 live performance video (produced/directed by Adrian Pruett @ LA CenterStaging).

DFSB Press Release
Love X Stereo vs DA1SY DØØM lucid dreams

But instead of waiting, 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ will release three singles until the full EP release with “자각몽 Lucid / Dreams,” “끌어당김 @traction,” and “미라클시티 Miracle_City.” “자각몽 Lucid / Dreams” is now available.

Watch out for May 27, 2023, and June 3, 2023, when the next two singles drop before the full release.

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