The last release from JINA0KING was 2019’s VOLUME SPACE + BIRD, a dual-sided folk and improvisation album. EVERYBODY DIFFERENT SCENT is another side of the artist. It leans towards folk and psychedelic this time with many ambient moments. The 33-minute EP focuses on a journey that’s not limited by time.

jina0king everybody different scent

With a folk foundation, JINA0KING builds layers of sound on each track. “Everybody Different Scent” has a background echo across the entire song, making it feel like she recorded the album with a room mic rather than each piece individually. The focus of the music is the guitar and it’s a calming introduction to the EP.

“I Dreamt So Bad” starts with an organ before transitioning back to acoustic guitar. Compared to Billy Carter, JINA0KING sounds like she’s creating as she goes along. Songs on EVERYBODY DIFFERENT SCENT feel like expanded ideas that organically move from verse to verse. It’s like there’s no specific plan as the songs progress and she ends the tracks as she feels.

The slower tempos and the mellow style are enjoyable to hear and it’s a nice alternative to other folk music. With her composition, the psychedelic influences weave in and out of the instrumentation and you also get a little bit of shoegaze pieces in the songs. A lot of it comes from the lack of deliberate steps to move the songs through recognizable composition.

EVERYBODY DIFFERENT SCENT is an album that is a necessary addition to any indie music fan. It’s different from the normal releases and highlights the skills of an artist who has years of experience. JINA0KING is showing off her own perspective on this EP and it’s a great experience for anyone.

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