Izykite‘s I ZIP is a short collection of songs, mixing folk, ballad, and R&B elements and presenting a familiar but unique sound. There’s a simplicity to her music that grabs your attention and this first EP is a perfect introduction.

izykite i zip

“Take it IZY” starts like a bedroom pop song with simple synths over an electronic groove. Izykite’s vocals are what draw you in. They’re warm and soothing. The instrumentals help guide the song and her vocals accent every beat and verse. Even when she uses her vocals as the background vocals, they’re not manipulated towards a higher octave so you get multiple vocal lines that intersect.

While Izykite leans towards R&B, the addition of folk and acoustic and ballad elements gives her music a “lightness.” “On My Own” is a great example of that. The R&B base is raised with these genre elements to help the music move gracefully. Also Izykite’s vocals both sustain and lightly touch notes and beats to move things along. She’s able to highlight her vocals without needing to push long sustains or push her vocals unnecessarily.

Using “Diver” as the title track is interesting because it’s a bit of an outlier on the album. There’s a stronger use of synth giving “Diver” a slight 80s electronic and city pop style. It’s not full immersion, but there are plenty of hooks for genre fans. “Diver” is a good title track but might mislead a bit.

Izykite finally goes full R&B on “Stuck In” and this is the most recognizable composition. It’s kind of the standard R&B mixed with a ballad song. “Stuck In” is a good refresh after “Diver” and would fit a lot of playlists. If you wanted a ballad, then “Star in the dark” is the song for you. You should really listen to it without any preview.

I ZIP is a consistent first introduction. Izykite successfully introduces herself and all the elements that make up her style. It’s clear that “Diver” is meant as the highlight, but the surrounding songs show a lot of depth. I think she will be able to build on this release and create something even better next.

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