I’ve been listening to sucozy‘s singles as they’ve released and after a long set, he’s released his first EP, ! Interjection. He actually sent an email to let the site know that he released the EP and I’ve been listening to it since. His music is tagged as electronic and indie which are good foundation markers for his music, but he’s also sneaking in some funk and R&B elements.

sucozy interjection

Take “Unchanged” as the first example. The introduction is a high-melodic funk verse. And as the song continues, you hear how much the rhythm influences the entire song. The hi-hat isn’t playing a simple eighth-note beat and guitar, bass, and synth are all interwoven. It’s a great opener to ! Interjection.

The EP’s second song “Messenger” leans more towards indie rock. It’s got a Bye Bye Badman feeling to it along with that beachside and indie rock sound that’s growing with CHS, Tuesday Beach Club, and hathaw9y. sucozy is essentially composing, recording, mixing, and mastering everything himself and it’s impressive that he has a handle on every instrument. Sometimes when it’s a total solo work, something falls or gets imbalanced, but that doesn’t happen here. He does get help from Jaesun Lee on “Messenger” and Sungmin Kim on “Dilemma” to fill in some spots.

According to Bugs, sucozy released 12 singles since 2019 so he’s not entirely brand new to music, but there’s a polish on ! Interjection that you don’t hear often from solo artists. I think all the work that sucozy has put in with his older releases helped strip a lot of fat on his songs. There’s a simplicity and minimalism that focuses on melody and meaning instead of filling every single beat with a sound.

My favorite song on ! Interjection has to be the closer, “Masked Anxieties.” The track isn’t hugely different from the other songs on the EP, but there’s a different energy that comes through. My one question for the entire EP though is, the album information only has sucozy as a vocalist, but there’s another underlying vocal on some of the songs and I’m wondering if that’s a voice manipulation or another singer.

My thought is that sucozy took his time before releasing his EP. His previous singles all helped to lead to this very tight EP. I can’t hear any wasted time and space and that’s impressive.

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