Korean Indie receives a decent amount of emails now from new and/or upcoming artists. michelle kim sent an email about her first single, “withering and dancing in the rain.” The track is “composed, written, sung, and produced” by michelle.

michelle kim withering and dancing in the rain

Brooklyn-based, Wisconsin-native Michelle Kim to release her first track. Composed, written, sung, and produced by her, “withering and dancing in the rain” is a Korean / English mash up about her depression packaged in an upbeat, uplifting track influenced by her favorite K-Pop and J-Pop songwriters. Every hand that touched this release, from the cover art to the vocal mixing, are fellow Asian-American creatives. 

From Press Email

The track has that bedroom indie pop tone which reminds me a bit of ESAE, OOHYO, and Yukari-era Aseul. For a first single, “withering and dancing in the rain” is solid. It has a lot of hooks throughout from the pre-chorus to the very sugary chorus. Also, michelle’s vocals match the song well and don’t sound like they’re trying to follow existing vocal trends.

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