I first discovered post rock and shoegaze through Japanese bands and purposely searched for Korean bands. While the genre is a bit quiet, I still go back and listen to these albums.

sunshy dissolve

Now, I’ve been introduced to sunshy, an Asian American shoegaze band from Chicago. Composed of Wes Park and Haoshu Deng, sunshy is the music that I always want to hear. And after listening to “dissolve,” I want more from these two. An EP, a full length, or I’ll even take more singles. sunshy reminds me of Seam and Ee, two very influential bands in my music history.

Dissolve is a deeply personal song about feeling disconnected and aimless. It’s a sonic cry for help, a forlorn attempt to grasp onto reality, and then the subsequent spiraling into the intangible experience of unavoidable isolation, blurred memories, and unspoken desires. I felt like in my life I wasted so many afternoons dreaming.

In my head, I imagined it sounding like you were tumbling through the air from thousands of feet above the ground, the wind is deafening and everything you see around you is blurred by the tumbling motion. I made it because I wanted to fly—or at least I wanted something that made me feel like I could.

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Give the song a listen and I think it’ll be smart to keep an eye on this duo.

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