Unknown to me, ID:EARTH is a singer-songwriter and musician who has been active since 2019. Switching between her own work and OST jobs, there’s a good amount of music. Most recently, ID:EARTH released a new video for the single “Aliens.”

South Korean singer-songwriter / musician ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) releases ‘Aliens’, the latest tale in her long-spun tapestry of characters and stories out this summer through ATIV Records, including a special live appearance at Woodstock Korea, talking place from July 28 to 30 at the Hantan River area in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.
Following on from her recent 4-track EP ‘Panorama’ released in 2022, ‘Aliens’, explores the polarising musings on society and human experiences with technology. Sung in both English and Hangul (한글) ID:EARTH’s measured ethereal vocals flit seamlessly over evocative, oddball electronic beats.
She explains: ““With the development of the “A.I.” system, I would like to record the current era in which development is accelerating. New-born life acquires and grows at a rapid pace with advanced civilisation. You can make them monsters, or lead them to a revolution. What influences the evolved people will have in the future depends on the teaching of current society.”
ID:Earth, which means “the identity of the Earth,” hails from Seoul, South Korea and made her debut in 2019 with ‘Egypt’, an experimental, cross genre pop tune which garnered immediate attention. The next single ‘Olympus’ followed swiftly and led to her acclaimed debut album [BE] in 2020. ID:EARTH’s lyrics encapsulates our relationship with the earth and human civilisation. “My music is made to be connected and pieced together like a puzzle. The lyrics are anecdotes and stories about history, myths and philosophies, it also looks into the lives of people and contains their experiences.”
ID:EARTH’s music has been featured in various Korean movies and television series and she continues to push the boundaries with her unique inimitable style in 2023.

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