Silica Gel shows off their effortless skill and experiment with a new, stronger sound in Machine Boy. Bold and uncompromising, they prove their position as one of the freshest voices in the Korean music scene. The EP sees the band moving away from their staple electronic sound into heavier instrumental territory. The clean-cut production is focused on prominent drums and classic rock guitar riffs. With the scarce use of lyrics, Silica Gel conveys the feeling of brute machinery, simple but effective.

silica gel machine boy

“Machine Boy” is characterised by auto tune-heavy vocals, edgy lyrics, and a strong sound. The production is very straightforward, leaving no place for ambiguity between intense drums and guitar riffs.

The EP offers a whole array of rock songs. From melodic ballads like “Realize” to the punk rock sound of “Mercurial,” the band spares no effort in exploring the genre. Their new sound is focused on prominent drums and classic rock guitar riffs.

The opening track, “Budland,” features a hopeful electronic beat and distorted punk emo vocals. “Please don’t worry about me” they plead as the tension builds up with sporadic sounds of an electric guitar. Finally, the song breaks off into a group chant. 

“Realize” is more intricate and melodic with a catchy melody spelled out on an electric guitar. The production is a bit more layered and intricate than for the rest of the tracks and the vocals sound softer. 

The stand out of the album is definitely “MachineboyGong” as it lasts for almost ten minutes. The song begins with drums and repeating electronic chords but as it unfolds, the rock sounds get replaced with a piano interlude, completely changing the mood. It creates an interesting breathing space in between the raucous rock tracks.

Silica Gel did not turn their backs completely on their electronic roots. They give a taste of sentiment with “T” – a short interlude, packed with electronic beats. Same goes for “NO PAIN (Fire-Toolz Remix)” which provides a more upbeat, club sound when compared to the heavy first half of the album.

Machine Boy is an interesting step in a new direction for Silica Gel. The new rock sound suits their aesthetic and they show off their creativity with the eclectic mix of tracks.

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