I first found out about Wapddi through their 2021 album Shameful Song to Show Others, and two years later they’ve returned with a three-song EP Ah! I was thrown out! The band’s style is a mix of synth rock and indie rock, which is a style that I listened to a long time ago. And with this EP, Wapddi successfully introduces themselves to new listeners.

wappddi ah i was thrown out

The surprising thing about Ah! I was thrown out! is that the three songs create a 22-minute experience. Wapddi is creating comprehensive pieces that present a long arc. The first track, “두 점을 이어서,” is a six-minute opener that gives an upbeat and fast tempo. The verses are broken up into smaller sections and have a kind of reboot throughout. There’s a definite purposeful arrangement that lets Wapddi build upon the previous part. And that gives “두 점을 이어서” more strength. In the end, it’s a song that has multiple arcs.

“나는 아직도 갇혀있다!” is a nine-minute opus. Wapddi slows down the introduction and builds out the instrumentals slowly. I think this is a definite strength of the band. They aren’t concerned with song length and let the music organically grow as needed. “나는 아직도 갇혀있다!” also throws you off because about a minute and a half in, it goes in a different direction from the introduction.

The song hides as a closing track with its crescendo at the end of the first third before exploding into a fast-tempo high point. Then during the bridge, the track transitions again back to the original style a bit while adding some math rock elements before sprinting towards the end.

The actual last song, “7년 동안 신세졌습니다,” is a bit more customary rock track. But it also comes in at almost seven and a half minutes. A full instrumental, “7년 동안 신세졌습니다” shows the musical talents of the band while also transitioning through different styles.

The first section is a great rock instrumental. The second is an acoustic guitar with outdoor ambient noise with a whistling and harmonica-style accompaniment. Then the final section goes back to rock music until the close.

It’s surprising to hear music this complex and versatile in three songs. Wapddi has a strong handle on interesting composition and arrangement with some of the best production I’ve heard. The 22 minutes of music shouldn’t be this strong, but Wapddi breaks the mold. None of the songs are boring and you end up wanting to go back and listen to the tracks again.

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