Beginning, The end is the first release by Ezzle. A four-song EP, Beginning, The end, highlights her R&B and soul style. The first thing that sticks out is Ezzle’s vocals. They’re deeper and warmer than a lot of other Korean artists. This is why the EP sticks.

ezzle beginning the end

All four songs are composed by Ezzle and SIBRO with mixing and mastering by HYUNJIN. Using this consistency lets the EP have a natural and organic flow from “DD (Drawing deaD)” to “Remember me.” “DD (Drawing deaD)” as the opener is a slow burn. The instrumentals create a staccato but connected song and Ezzle’s vocals are the guide between verses. I think she’s in her vocal zone without any real push but it’s a great song to draw you in.

“Noor no” is a bit more standard R&B mixed with ballad elements. The song slowly grows in the first verses. If you consider a standard R&B composition, “Noor no” checks all the boxes. Its got a grove instrumental, a distinct but simple percussion line, and vocals that sustain across notes and verses. Perfectly solid as the title track.

The third song on Beginning, The end, “Love kills” has a melodic line I’ve heard before. I can’t pinpoint what song it reminds me of, but the introduction has Ezzle using a falsetto vocal line that sticks in my head. Once she moves past the introduction, “Love kills” shows a little more of her color. The previous songs all sounded a little too comfortable but this third song adds a different tone to her overall sound.

And while the first three songs are great examples to cement Ezzle’s ability in the R&B genre, I like “Remember me” the most. It’s got a different composition style with a slow build-up toward the end of the song. It’s also the shortest song at one minute and 43 seconds.

The other three songs on Beginning, The End all hit at least three minutes. So it could be a sign that while Ezzle and SIBRO can easily compose and arrange longer and dense tracks, Ezzle might benefit from shorter songs that hit a peak faster.

Ezzle might not be showing anything new within the R&B and soul genre compared to all artists in general but she’s got a perspective and angle. The compositions support her vocals and there’s enough to enjoy over the 11-minute play time. With newer music available, I’ll have to see where she’s headed since this 2022 EP.

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