London Fuzz returned with a new short release a little over a year after Triple Grunge Man. I got curious so I looked at their releases and found that the duo’s earliest release is from 2012 with a two-year break, then a 2019 release, followed by a yearly release up to this point.

I was confused so I did a little digging and discovered that the two members are also in other bands. BIBA OST is part of The Black Underground and JULIIAN OSY is part of Echo and the Machine. This makes their release schedule a lot more sense.

london fuzz it's not a summer for me

It’s Not A Summer For Me sounds like a jam session between the two to produce music that doesn’t fit their other bands. The four songs result in a little short of 12 minutes of music. But London Fuzz presents their British rock style perfectly. “Say Hello Again” is a muted and mellow track that tricks you. The song sounds more like a closer than an opener. “It’s Not A Summer For Me” feels like a low-effort track, especially in the vocals.

But that makes the song a fun listen. The pair don’t sound like they’re trying that hard, placing distorted guitars over a bass and drum track. The feeling is like they can’t even be bothered to do a good job even though the result is a fun rock song.

They repeat “Say Hello Again” with a reprise version with the same general tone but use a slightly different key. It might not be the key specifically, and it could be a changed rhythm, but you hear the overall tone again. London Fuzz closes the release with a demo version of “It’s Not A Summer For Me.” Listening to both versions, it sounds like they put more effort into the demo version than the official one.

It’s Not A Summer For Me is two songs with two different versions. I like that London Fuzz is showing different sides to their songs, but at least one new track would have been nice. And considering the release schedule, I feel like London Fuzz is slowly collecting tracks with each release and could eventually produce a full length with all their releases. If that happens, London Fuzz could have a timeless and classic album.

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