When I first heard “The Fish” by eeri, I thought this was an artist I heard before. It might have been because the vocals remind me of Fromm. Inventory is a six-song EP introducing eeri as an artist who uses folk and light indie rock to create calming and mellow music.

eeri inventory

With almost 17 minutes of music, eeri makes a big impression on “The Fish.” It opens Inventory with a minimalist start that slowly grows with more instrumentation as each verse progresses. The vocals are melodic and warm while flowing over the main guitar melody without much effort. “The Fish” is impressive because, in its own way, it’s plain but introduces the style perfectly.

The music opens up a little more on “To the Garden” and this is where the Fromm-style sound really comes out. It’s kind of an alternate universe sound where elements have an almost identical presence but eeri composes songs with different breaks and verse organization. Everything moves organically but the songs aren’t a simple start-to-finish production.

“Farewell, Pt.1” and “Farewell, Pt.2” is a split song. As I listen through Inventory, I’m actually surprised by how precise every song is. eeri’s only other release is a 2021 single and listening to “Farewell, Pt.1,” it’s incredible how good the music is at this point. I feel like there should have been more missteps or experimentation, but eeri seems to know exactly how these songs sound have been made and recorded as such.

When “Farewell, Pt.1” fades into “Farewell, Pt.2,” you hear a slightly different angle of the same theme. But it’s a modified tone and angle. “We’re Drifting” is the EP’s outlier with its keyboard addition. eeri presents more of an indie pop song without the increased tempo or volume. It’s different from the mellow folk-indie style of the previous tracks but adds something new to keep down any repetition.

To finish out Inventory, “Woof!” is an English-language song that takes a half-step back to the original style of the EP. “Woof!” sounds like a warm-up to the rest of the EP even though it finishes everything up. There are also new elements introduced into the composition so I’m curious if this was a fleshed-out demo that took some more work compared to the other songs.

I didn’t expect the first EP to have this level of precision. eeri’s Inventory is more like the third or fourth EP from an artist. They know exactly what the end result should be and get there in the perfect amount of time. There isn’t any wasted space in any of the songs and Inventory is a release you can come back to easily.

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