quinn_ debuted in 2020 with her first single. Since then she’s released singles and her first EP in 2022. A year later, 무호흡 0-OXYGEN arrives as her second EP. When I was listening to her older releases and comparing them to her attributed genre, 0-OXYGEN is less the indie pop she’s tagged with. This EP is different. Her previous songs were a mixture of synthwave, indie pop, and electronic pop, but this new EP is ambient and melancholy.

quinn_ 0-oxygen

“r e c y c l e . . .” starts with a long introduction. She’s using keyboards with a filter that’s a mix between a harpsichord and guitar. There’s also a low bass line that comes and goes. It takes about half of the 3:13 minute playtime before quinn_’s vocals arrive. The song changes into a pure piano and vocal track with a sustained low end. It gets your attention quickly.

Her older indie and electronic pop style comes through on “w a s t e d – f l a v o r e d” while also mixing a hybrid of indie rock and folk. It reminds me of ASEUL in the general composition, but quinn_ definitely has her own melodic flavor. quinn_’s vocals are strong even when she’s not forcing herself. “w a s t e d – f l a v o r e d” isn’t the lead single, but the track draws you in. Another highlight is that BrokenTeeth helps with guitar.

The main single, “c a c t u s s m u g g l e r,” begins with an atmospheric carnival-style intro. It has that unsettling horror movie tone. Then the track transitions into a moody and dark song mixing layered samples and her vocals. And even though the song feels “off,” it draws you in. My best description is that it’s a Halloween song that’s not for the holiday.

To close 0-OXYGEN, quinn_ offers a somewhat brighter “e y e b u g” with some excellent crossfade mixing. It does follow the tone of “c a c t u s s m u g g l e r” but doesn’t have that totally dark sound. There’s a bird song background layer that covers the song but what helps “e y e b u g” stick out is the composition. Of all the songs on 0-OXYGEN, I find this one to be the most interesting, especially the mid-song percussion breakdown.

I’ve listened to quinn_ on and off with her new releases but diving into her music with this EP shows a huge amount of talent. She’s got a unique perspective and composition style. I will find myself coming back to this EP and her music a lot as I follow her from now on.

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