When ADOY debuted in 2017, with members from various other groups, I thought they would be a project band. Each single and EP seemed to slowly hone into a specific tone and theme. After 2019’s VIVID, I lost track of the band and they returned in 2021 with a new single (COVID disabling any ability to record). Since the return, it sounds like ADOY is done chipping away and has found their core. PLEASURES arrives after two EPs and singles.

adoy pleasures cover album

I remember the original description was “commercial indie.” But now the band has grown past that to become something smoother and even more melodic. With their earlier releases, it sounded like they were moving away from the sounds of their former bands, but PLEASURES actually reminds me of most of the member’s origins.

“Touch” has pieces of FROM THE AIRPORT and Eastern Sidekick. The instrumentals combine bits of those two bands together and it’s one of my favorite tracks.

A problem I thought ADOY had was that with their preferred style, songs could get repetitive. The hard focus on mellow melodies and light tempos caused some songs to blend and bleed together. This happened a lot with their older music and while I enjoyed the release, it never really stuck.

PLEASURES feels like a streamlined presentation. While ADOY’s core is obvious, the band expands a lot more, and the songs don’t sound like different versions. “Model” is a great example of this. It contains the foundation, but the top melody offers something different.

ADOY has a regular release cycle and its been four years since their first full length. This second one delivers a step forward and a precise representation of the total growth of each member and the band overall. I like this album and how it’s a recognition of the past but also a preview of the potential future.

While I don’t think ADOY will ever dramatically change their style, it’s clear that they aren’t simply repeating what works. If they continue to follow the same trend, the next EP might be something even more impressive.

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