It feels like older artists are spending less time on social media and just releasing new music with less lead time. Dongchan‘s latest full length, Moving, felt like it was released without any notice. Two years after Moon like the sun, Moving is a slight change. It feels more open.

dongchan moving album cover

“THUNDER RUN” sounds like a transition between previous work and the new album. It definitely has bits and pieces of Dongchan’s signature but increases the tempo. Features return with guests adding a unique flavor to the instrumentals. kimmo‘s vocals on “Moving” are perfect and make this one of my favorite songs of the year.

I don’t know why, but Moving feels brighter overall. It might be a faster tempo or it could be how the samples and synths create a catchier melody. I do think Moving is a bit like two EPs glued together. After “Vexations,” the interlude switches to a different mood.

Hummingmoon provides vocals on “Proof” and “SENSUAL LOVE HOTEL.” These vocals make Dongchan’s songs sound like electronic R&B and an electronic trip-hop hybrid. It’s different and the changed angle is really interesting. Listening through the album, it’s clear that Dongchan is focused on making music that he wants to create, instead of following any major or minor trends.

His style was established a long time ago and now there are small adjustments and refinements combined with style explorations. This isn’t a new Dongchan, but an artist who has grown and evolved over time. His first release was in 2014.

I’ll probably never get tired of listening to Dongchan. He’s not copying and pasting on each release. There are always new facets to discover and explore.

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