Nuclear Idiots is a numetal band. Their 2022 full length, NCLRIDTS, was on my Best of 2022 list too. And now late in 2023, they’ve released a new single “Firecracker.”

Unfortunately, the song sounds a little flat on Spotify. I can hear all the sections that would have an overpowering wave of sound, but that doesn’t come through. The YouTube upload sounds a lot better in comparison. That said, “Firecracker” does sound like a teaser for a bigger release. Nuclear Idiots is a band that thrives on longer releases.

This song is also their first release with No Mercy Company, a “Korean rock/ heavy metal music label.” Nuclear Idiots states that “Firecracker” “is a song that features some hints of late 90’s industrial sound that fans of Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000 will definitely connect to, and also features some updated sounds of modern heavy metal and electronic music.”

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