I listened to eunoo‘s single “innermost” when it was released in 2020 but didn’t see her show up in my feed for some time. Looking at her discography, she was active from her 2019 debut to 2020. Then there was a break between 2020-2022 with her single “DIVE” in August and now her first EP a little more than a year later.

eunoo omoide album cover

On Bugs!, eunoo is an R&B and soul artist. I think this is a decent general classification, but I actually think she’s taking a lot more genre influences in her music. omoide starts with “lonelyasfxxk.” The guitar and vocal introduction that opens with more layered guitars sounds like an R&B track mixed with a light indie rock track. Once eunoo moves into the chorus, the track really leans into a minimalist R&B and electronic style. It’s bridging the genres together in a great way.

The title track, “loveable,” starts with an introduction straight from ADOY or CHS. When the intro is over, eunoo’s vocals take over and it sways between genres. It’s interesting that depending on the style you listen to more, eunoo’s music can lean in one genre or another. The chorus of “loveable” is pure R&B and this centers the track.

omoide’s four songs could have been repetition of styles, but eunoo changes things on each track. “summer scent” is that bedroom track with a minimalist arrangement. It focuses on her vocals with the rest instrumentals supporting the vocal direction perfectly. It might not have the same power as a title track, but it’s one of those songs you want to hear near the end of a live set.

“5:37” closes omoide with a primarily instrumental track. It sounds like a song that was composed but didn’t have the right lyrics to follow the flow. It’s a nice mellow listen from the three previous songs. The one line of vocals comes at the end and closes out the EP.

omoide is a solid EP. Even though there are four songs, eunoo is able to present a varied and versatile song set. It makes you want to hear a full length with a larger overall narrative. Hopefully there’s more music in the works.

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