Sailor Honeymoon : Bad Apple

“Bad Apple” is Sailor Honeymoon‘s second single and will be part of the punk band’s EP which will be released in May. The song sounds less punk and more like British rock in the same space as Telepathy. But the group’s described free-form style makes me think that the EP will blend many styles and ideas. It’s a fun song but feels like an island without any other tracks around it.

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go! garden : Neither fish nor fowl

go! garden‘s first single makes me think “this is what NewJeans would sound like if they went into R&B and focused on substance over style.” Her vocals are warm and glide over the melodies and carefully crafted instrumentals. Even when the verses are sparse, she’s able to fill in the open space. “It’s a “Neither fish nor fowl” is a good introduction that stays the perfect amount of time.

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Deogi408 : Half Awake

I skipped through Deogi408‘s older singles to see if “Half Awake” was an outlier or the duo’s preferred style. “Half Awake” is a late 2000s rock and indie rock track that sounds nostalgic from the first verse. I think that’s what helps the addictiveness, but if you weren’t immersed in this style before, it’s a perfectly fine track. If they dive further into this audio style, they could stick out pretty easily.

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Melted Plastics : mmxx

Describing indie R&B sounds like a monetary disclaimer, but when you take the R&B genre and mix it with light indie rock and folk, that’s what Melted Plastics sounds like. “mmxx” is a very comfortable single with a casual tempo, digestible vocals, and minimal yet melodic instrumentation. The single sounds more like a sample for something bigger.

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seoseo : NO

“NO” is a standard R&B track with all the right accents and hooks. The emphasized pop embellishments keep the instrumentals moving forward even though the tempo isn’t that fast. With releases since 2020, I think she’s one of those quiet artists who needs to find her fan base and she’ll grow exponentially. This is a good playlist single.

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Fuzzy Pug : Hide and Seek

Fuzzy Pug’s first single was released in 2018 and then silent until 2022. Their first 2024 single, “Hide and Seek,” reminds me of a lot of rock bands like HarryBigButton. The single has a big presence and demands a lot of audience participation in a live setting. It’s a great song with a lot of energy and scratches that standard rock music itch.

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