COR3A has existed for over four years, but the members released their own works before starting this group. And if you listen to COR3A’s singles, EPs, and full lengths, you will definitely hear a progression and evolution of their sound.

cor3a over & over album cover

Because they use modular synths, COR3A can create and produce sounds that move between an organic and artificial world. Over & Over is a different presentation of the three artists and also something that slowly grew from previous releases.

The album contains almost 43 minutes of music. “The Night Overwhelmed” comes across as the doorway into COR3A’s universe. The slow tempo and wandering melodies are mixed with other background sounds creating a pathway to follow and step deeper into this work. If you can listen to COR3A through speakers in a room, you’ll get a better experience than with headphones.

It’s difficult to describe the emotions that you’ll feel listening to COR3A. On the surface, the electronic and synth tones can sound melodic or too unfamiliar. The pulsing waveforms can be gentle, especially on Over & Over, while there’s also a subtle pull deeper.

“Overflood” isn’t a single, but it might be the easiest entry into the album. It increases the tempo, adds a bit more rhythm, and highlights a simpler tone that grabs your attention. This slice of the electronic genre is different from other artists. I would describe COR3A as an “atmospheric electronic” group.

On the surface, the music is layering multiple audio waves together to create cohesive and sometimes combative audio. But when you consider the instruments that the three use, it’s an impressive result.

Over & Over’s track variety shows how open-ended these instruments are. Going from harsher tones to sequenced melodies, it takes a lot of work to create the intricate audio. “Overlaid” is a good example of that with the two rhythms moving together but not overstepping or muting each other.

COR3A is a lot to digest. They are masters at their instruments and collaborate to produce a wide variety of tracks. Over & Over has a narrative running through it even when the individual songs don’t seem to follow each other. I’d say the album requires full attention and a couple of replays to fully understand what’s happening during each verse. But this album is a great example of the wide landscape in the electronic genre.

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