Fm drone service : Drive

This reminds me of the 2005-09 indie rock. It’s generally simple music that focuses a lot on melodic parity with a repeating vocal. The bridge switches things up dramatically though and I feel like the band is hiding something that they’re quietly teasing with the single.

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Eunoia : Promise

I’m very curious what music Eunoia listened to growing up. “Promise” sounds like 2000s-era female pop rock in the best way. She has a deeper and warmer vocal delivery and the indie rock instrumentals seem to surround them. The song has a lot of trademarks of that era like a mid-song breakdown and solo. “Promise” is so simple in its delivery that it becomes addictive.

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Yojung : I want to die now but live forever

“I want to die now but live forever” is a mix of rock, punk, British rock, blues rock, and even a little jazz. It’s a style that’s instantly recognizable but also hard to properly describe. Yojung released an album last year that I meant to write about but it was lost. Now with this high-energy single, I’ll have to go back to the full length. Definitely a fun song.

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Pastel Flavor : Whimsical

The indie rock introduction to “Whimsical” is what will get you hooked. Then the first verse slowly opens the overall melody of the single. Pastel Flavor sounds like a mixture of beach rock and city rock with a slightly overbearing guitar. Listening to the single through headphones, the mix of the track is a little uneven but the single hints at a potentially good EP.

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Mosshill : My White

If you’ve been missing a warm and mellow ballad rock song, Mosshill’s “My White” is a great song to fill that gap. It’s a perfectly safe and properly arranged track to fulfill the mood.

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michelle kim : Castella

Listening to michelle kim‘s second single, it’s clear that she’s grown across the board as a musician. “Castella” does lean a little far into NewJeans territory (to me), but the production overall feels a lot more confident. If “Castella” gets added to one of Spotify’s “algorithmic” playlists or a popular bedroom pop playlist, it’s going to blow up.

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Yumewanaii : Geumcheon-gu Doksan-ro

“Geumcheon-gu Doksan-ro” isn’t some standout or breakout song. It’s got a little too much autotune, the beat is simple, and sounds like a repeat of a lot of current Korean hip-hop. But it’s an enjoyable transition song for a playlist. And that’s all I need for this song by Yumewanaii.

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FireMoth : It will happen one day

“It will happen one day” features Sun Kim. I don’t know much about FireMoth or Sun Kim, but this song sounds like musical theater and rock, and that makes it worth listening to at least once.

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