Among various music genres, rockabilly might be one of the biggest outliers. I’ve only heard of a few rockabilly bands like The Rocktigers or Streetguns. Hoppers is a Busan-based band with a 10-year history. Their first EP, Rock And Roll Station, was released in 2015, and Journey, Be Good is the band’s first full length.

hoppers journey be good album cover

And while Hoppers are a rockabilly band at the core, the genre also pulls from blues, jazz, and swing. Hoppers also use different genres in their music. “Rockabilly Night” is a simple introduction to the album. It highlights all the genre standards from the upright bass picking, guitar solo, and groove-focused percussion. If you don’t know anything about the genre, you’ll get a quick education.

For my listening habits, I find rockabilly best in a specific mood. The tempos can range from paced and easygoing to something that demands dancing. Hoppers lean on the slower and more listenable style. But I also like that Hoppers don’t stick to a pure rockabilly sound for the entire 10-track album. The single, “Journey,” adds blues and country elements, and that opens the song up in a positive way.

My favorite song is “Surfing Cowboy” which was a 2020 single. “I’m a cowboy on a surfboard” is so simple but addictive line. I highly recommend this track. The latter half of Journey, Be Good has a different feeling from the start. “Sassy Girl Blues” is a modern-style blues track that mixes indie rock progressions in the chorus.

Then “Drunken Blues” leans toward a rock ballad instead of a rockabilly song. I actually like the different explorations on the album. With 10 years of experience, I’m sure that Hoppers is aware of the limitations a pure rockabilly album could have.

Journey, Be Good is a great example of the different music genres bands are playing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find artists in smaller genres. Hoppers definitely shows their expertise on this full length and it was worth the wait.

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