The Vastards : NASH

It’s a straightforward rock song from a band that’s been making music since 2017. Based in the southern part of South Korea, The Vastards need something more substantial like a full length. It’s a solid single that brings back memories of early Galaxy Express.

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BAEK JU : Contrary to your self

“Contrary to your self” is a relatively simple indie rock mixed with folk single. BAEK JU carries the song with melodic vocals and very welcoming instrumentals. It’s one of those songs that ages well because it sounds like it could have been released anywhere from 2002 on.

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Leem : Winterock

“Winterock” is a difficult song to categorize because it has pieces of electronic, R&B, gospel, blues, and pop. But it’s not shoved in a blender and put out, instead, it’s a careful layering of each element. This lets each genre speak separately but also contributes to the song’s total conversation.

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jujuland : Sweetest Lullaby

If you want a pop-forward R&B song, I think jujuland‘s “Sweetest Lullaby” is the perfect track. It also has a bit of a nostalgic R&B undertone. It’s a strong middle-of-the-road single that could anchor an EP or a full length. jujuland sounds perfectly comfortable and the track’s got a nice hook.

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Moskva Surfing Club : Grass and Echoes

When Grass and Echoes started with an acoustic guitar, I thought I had the wrong band. But It looks like Moskva Surfing Club wanted to show a different side. I like listening to the band’s music a lot and the original versions come from the band’s 2021 full length. The single is a nice switch.

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OddSong : Show me your love

At one point, it felt like OddSong was releasing something new every other week. I haven’t been able to keep up entirely and “Show me your love” is a bit more minimalist than the older music I listened to. The electronic instrumentals don’t flood each verse and play a more background role in this track. This feels and sounds like a warmup to the coming year.

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Dailylab : Reflected in your dimmed eyes

“Reflected in your dimmed eyes” sounds like a soundtrack song. It’s a low key ballad and indie song that really feels like it’s taking its time to send its message. The duo have a lot of covers on their YouTube channel and it sounds like they’re determined to create a specific mood in their music.

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VEIRDOS : Bandage Timing

Bandage Timing is a two-song single from VEIRDOS. The interesting bit about this single is that the two songs have different styles. “Nanmokk” leans towards harder rock without the aggression. “Maria” is a rock track. The thing that stands out with VEIRDOS is that everything sounds so muted. Like all the energy has been stripped. Not sure if that’s a mixing issue or not though.

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Sanha Kim : Without You

When I listen to “Without You,” it reminds me of old pop punk. It has all the basic hooks that a good pop punk mixed with emo song should have. But what Sanha Kim is missing is melody. His vocals are monotone. It’s a missed opportunity.

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