Like the entries written in a personal journal, sentimental and sincere, the songs on Jade‘s 2023 EP Dear diary, explore memories and chapters of life that have passed. Her lyrics and melodies recall precious moments and places, and the little things that bring them to mind even years down the line.

jade dear diary album cover

“Brighton” is a beachy British rock number. Jade sings of a nostalgic and atmospheric longing for a place that’s always bright in your memory. It’s a strong opener for the EP, drawing both in subject matter and sound on Jade’s time in England (which you can read more about in our interview with her)! More than just the beach, however, it’s clear that Jade is reminiscing about her experiences from her time abroad.

“Take me back, take me back

Baby blue skies

It used to be mine

Brighton baby

I miss you lately”

The second track, “Just Like Others,” is acoustic and more low-key. It has a light and natural sound, turning the dial way down from Brighton — a good show of her versatility.

“Sunglasses” is a touch melancholy but still nostalgic. It fits right in not only with the rest of the EP but also with her repertoire. The song invokes the sensation of remembering something fondly. 

The following track, “Forever and Ever,” gets a little psychedelic and beachy again. It had a gentler sound than Brighton with a bright, warm tone emphasized by Jade’s airy voice.

“Forever and ever, you will be mine

Forever you are my sea

Forever and ever, dear, my love”

“Cloudy Day” is more energetic than may be expected from the title, with a bolder sound and slightly stronger vocals from Jade. It leans into a rock sound more than any other track on the EP, but still maintains Jade’s usual softness. Nonetheless, it’s a nice song for her to flex her voice a little and show us what else she has to offer!

The closing track and only one to feature another artist, “Confession (feat. Qha)” is acoustic and heartfelt, sincere in its tone and lyrics. Qha’s low and smooth voice suits Jade’s — the two also released a single together in 2019, “I’m Like You (With Jade),” which can be found on his profile. I also recommend that song if you like this one!

Overall, Jade’s sophomore EP is gentler than Violet Dreamer, but no less enjoyable. She continues to develop her sound with her characteristically soft, breathy vocals over simple ballads or beachy rock. Like the title suggests, Dear diary, may put you in a nostalgic mood to think of your cherished memories.

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